Stranded Colorwork Tutorial

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Stranded colorwork is when you use two colors of yarn in the same row or round. It's often used to make Fair Isle patterns (a traditional Scottish knitting style), but can be used for any two color pattern.

In this technique, each stitch is knit with one color while the other is pulled (loosely) across the back of the work. For consistency, one color should always go over the other when switching between them. This technique takes some patience, as even tension between the two colors can be tricky to get right away.


You can hold each color in different hands, combining styles of knitting (linked below), or hold both colors in the same hand while you knit. The ways we show in the video below are just a guideline; you can hold the yarn however works best for you!


Our videos below show an example of joining a new color, then switching between knitting 1 stitch in each color.


If you're working with a pattern where there are more than four stitches knit in the same color, after every couple stitches you should "catch" the color that is being carried across the back of the work by twisting the two yarns around each other. This prevents the strands in the back of the work from getting too long. 


If you haven't already, familiarize yourself with the different styles of knitting before continuing. There are three different ways to hold your yarn when knitting and you want to make sure you're watching the right technique for you.











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