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Cast Away Wooden Needle Gauge
Cast Away Wooden Needle Gauge

Cast Away Wooden Needle Gauge

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This custom-designed wooden needle and hook guide will tell you what size your needles are (just poke them through!), and helps you measure your stitch gauge in either inches or centimeters.

You can also use it to know what gauge a yarn is by wrapping the yarn between notches and measuring the "wraps per inch." Make sure the yarn not wrapped too tightly or loosely, and that all the strands lay right next to each other. Then use the table below:

Lace 25+ wraps per inch
Sock / Fingering 18–22 wraps per inch
Sport 15–20 wraps per inch
DK 13–17 wraps per inch
Worsted 11–15 wraps per inch
Aran 9–12 wraps per inch
Bulky 7–9 wraps per inch
Super Bulky 4–6 wraps per inch
Jumbo 1-3 wraps


You can read more about determining wraps per inch in this article!