Stash-Buster Chevron Pattern
Stash-Buster Chevron Pattern

Stash-Buster Chevron Pattern

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Stash-Buster Chevron Pattern – Make some crazy chevron strips with all of your leftover yarn! Make a scarf or cowl out of one or two striped chevron strips, or seam more than one or two together to make shawls or blankets.

Before starting to knit, arrange your stash yarns by gauge, and then line them up in a pleasing color order within each gauge (see tips section for more ideas). Take a photo to remember this by, then start knitting! Each gauge will be its own chevron strip. Each stripe in a chevron should be whatever amount of that yarn you have left. You can make cute little two-row stripes with only a yard or two of yarn, so this project truly uses up every last bit of your stash!

Yarn: Any weight in any amount! If you're not sure if you have enough, try weighing all your stash yarns with a kitchen scale. Generally, you'll need about 100–300 grams for a cowl, 200–500 grams for a scarf, 300–700 grams for a shawl, and 400–2000 grams for a blanket.

Needles: Any size! We have suggested needle sizes listed for each gauge, but it's totally up to you and the kind of fabric you want. Straights and short circulars work best. 

Notions: One ring stitch marker, one optional locking stitch marker.

Gauge: Entirely unimportant!

Measurements: You decide!

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