Launches June 28th, 2018!

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Project Bag & Limited Edition Enamel Pin
Enamel Pins and a pattern on a phone
Beginner Kit Reward


Have you ever not known what an abbreviation meant? Or how to do a technique? Have you ever lost your place in a pattern? Or lost the pattern entirely? Are you frustrated or overwhelmed when a pattern lists 10+ numbers for all the different sizes?

With Placemarker, our new online pattern reading program, we’re going to solve all those problems (and heck yeah, a ton more too!). We are going to make every knitting and crocheting pattern on our website completely interactive and personalized. You’ll be able to access them from any device at all times. Our first release will include over 30 classic patterns and the following features:

Move through each pattern step by step.

Your place will be saved even if you close the window or log out.

Easily see which steps need to be repeated.

Step by Step

Choose your size and the pattern will automatically fill in only the numbers you need to see.

Size Selector

Hover over any abbreviation to see the full term.


Easily click to see short tutorials for every technique in every pattern.


Use the built in counter to keep track of rows and repeats.


Placemarker's Kickstarter Launch Date: June 28, 2018

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