Alice's Embrace Knit-Along

Alice's Embrace Knit-Along
Alice's Embrace Knit-Along

Alice's Embrace Knit-Along

Thursday, March 21, 5:00–8:00 pm

The third Thursday of this month, we are hosting a knit-along for Alice’s Embrace!

Alice’s Embrace is a charity organization founded by Diane Lewis which provides hand-knit/crochet shawls and blankets to people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Lewis’ mother, Alice Figueira, died of Alzheimer’s in 2011, and had found great comfort in the blanket her daughter knit for her.

We will have a big book of free patterns from Alice’s Embrace* (each pattern is named in a way that connects to Alice herself, with an accompanying anecdote), as well as specially selected chunky and worsted weight yarns. Alice’s Embrace has provided a list of suggested yarns to use, which includes specific brands, as well as guidelines for selecting outside of the brands provided. Details include:

  • Must be machine-washable and dryable
  • Soft to the touch
  • Soothing, solid colors ideal - variegated colors okay
  • DO NOT use yarns that have a nubby, tweedy, glittery, metallic, confetti-like, or hairy texture**

Review the suggested yarns on their website, or simply come to the shop and we’ll help you pick it out!

Come hang out with us in the shop to get started on your blanket or shawl. We are a drop-off location for Alice’s Embrace, so when you have finished your project you can bring it back and we will have it shipped off for you.

From their website:

“Please create your items in a smoke free environment.  We also ask that you create it in a pet free environment... we realize a lot of people have dogs and cats, but please try to keep the animals away while knitting or crocheting these gifts.  We have had some items come in with a lot of pet hair woven throughout the piece, making the item looked used. Unfortunately, we cannot give this type of item away at our deliveries, so it will go to Goodwill or another similar organization.”

Before dropping off your finished piece, please wash your item on gentle cycle and then tumble it dry on low.  This step is important because we want to be sure all of the items are delivered to their new owner clean and ready to be used.


* Please note that all blankets and shawls to be donated must be an Alice’s Embrace pattern. This provides consistency for the quality check and delivery of the organization - plus each pattern is in memory of Alice, and there are lots to pick from!

** Yarn texture characteristics are as such because we don't want to encourage picking at the yarn - often those suffering from Alzheimer's disease like to pick and scratch at things.  We want our items to provide comfort, not undue frustration and anxiety. 


This knit-along takes place on the date of our monthly Sip & Stitch! Any crafters are welcome to come to the shop to work on any project of theirs, as well as bring drinks and snacks to share.