Best Made Gift Contest

Best Made Gift Contest

Best Made Gift Contest

August 15—October 1, 2019

What are your favorite gifts to knit or crochet for other people? We know you have some good ones, because we've helped you pick out yarn for them! And now it's time to show them off. 

This fall we're having a best gift knits contest! Make a sample, take a photo, and we'll pick three winners! The best part? Everyone who participates gets 15–20% off their next purchase, online or in-store! So you have no reason not to go for it!


1st Place - A Lykke Interchangeable needle set of your choice!

2nd Place - A $25 gift certificate for Cast Away AND a $25 gift certificate for Black Squirrel, our favorite craft shop in Berkeley, California!

3rd Place - A little bundle of Cast Away goodies (a project bag, darning needle tube, tape measure, and bottle of wool wash soap)

Plus, EVERYONE who participates gets 15% off their next purchase, including the winners!

AND if you use a Placemarker pattern for your submission you'll get an ADDITIONAL 5% off your next purchase (that's 20% off total just for submitting)!

AND (oh yes there's more) if you use a Placemarker pattern for your submission AND you win one of the top three prizes above, you'll ALSO get to work with us to design your very own Placemarker pattern (either you design and make it and we'll put it online, or you just tell us what pattern you've always wished was out there or on Placemarker and we'll make it happen).

The top 3 winners' projects will be displayed in the shop for the months of October & November, featured in our newsletter, and on our Facebook & Instagram pages! 


Tag a photo of your project with #castawayyarncontest on Instagram


Include in the post’s description the following:

  1. The name of the pattern you followed and if you made any modifications.
  2. The name of the yarn you used and color names if you know them.
  3. Who the gift is/was for!

All projects must be submitted on or before September 30, 2019. 


While we're mainly going to be focusing on the quality & creativity of your projects, we're also going to be judging your photography of those projects! Here are some easy ways your photo can stand out:

  • Pose it on a person! We love seeing projects on their maker or on the lucky recipient of a handmade gift :)
  • Find a spot with lots of natural light: outdoors or next to a big window and during the day. Cloudy days are great for bright, even lighting.
  • Choose a plain background: large, blank areas of wall (indoors or out) are perfect!
  • If you're laying your project down on something, make it an even, flat surface that doesn't distract from the project, and make sure the project isn't hanging off the edges. A cleared off table usually works best. If your project is too large for the surface, folding it nicely or strategically scrunching it up is a great solution!


Projects must be knit or crochet.

You may submit more than one project to be considered for the top three prizes, but only one participation discount is issued per person, no matter how many submissions. You can post up to 5 images for a single project submission. If you tag us in more for a single project, we will judge the most recent 5 images posted.

All photos that are posted with our hashtag may be used by us or our partners on social media to promote the yarn/pattern used and/or the contest.

All project submissions must be made with yarn purchased at Cast Away within the last two years. Your name & email must have been in our system and attached to the sale to be valid.

All patterns used must be available for purchase or download online (like on Ravelry or another website). You cannot use patterns that are only available in a book or magazine, or personal patterns that are not publicly posted. This is because we want other people to be able to make your project as well if they see and love it, which they probably will! If you are unsure if your pattern is available online or not, try searching for it on Ravelry (you might be surprised).

All projects must be submitted on or before September 30, 2019. 

All 15–20% off participation awards will be valid starting October 1, 2019 and must be used on or before December 31, 2019.