Queer Craft Club



Monday, April 13, 6–8 pm

(Second Monday of each month)

This event is free, and there is no need to sign up ahead.


Join us for a queer craft night at Cast Away! 
ALL are welcome.


Bring a project you're working on or let us help you pick one out! We have projects for even the most uncoordinated (trust us).


Bring drinks & snacks if you wish :)


Consider shopping- 20% of all proceeds during the event will be donated to LGBTQ Connection:

"LGBTQ Connection, an initiative fueled by youth and other emerging leadership, fosters a healthier, more vibrantly diverse and inclusive community. Each year, LGBTQ Connection engages 3,500 LGBTQ people, their families and community, and trains 500 providers from local organizations across Northern California to increase the safety, visibility and well being of LGBTQ residents. In Napa and Sonoma Counties the program operates local LGBTQ community centers, supporting underserved LGBTQ youth and elders. The Napa and Sonoma offices of LGBTQ Connection each provide a safe and trusted space to cultivate hubs of vibrant activities and caring community."


Note: this is a social event and not a class, if you need help with a project sign up for one of our workshops!


Access: Can't do stairs? Our shop is up a small flight of stairs, need help with access? Give us a call! 707-546-9276.

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