Rope Bowl Sewing Class / October 15 / 10.00 - 1.00

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Description: Rope Bowl Sewing Class (Please read everything before you sign up for the class)

Date: Saturday, October 15th, 10-1 

Cost: $100 

Materials: Students should bring a needle for their machine that is used for denim or jeans. A needle size designation of 70/10 or higher is sufficient. Bring (3) thread bobbins. Optional: Pre-load (2) bobbins with your favorite colored thread and bring the matching thread spool. Thread will be available at the class, so this is not a requirement. All rope will be provided. Fabric will be provided for the fabric wrapping option.

Equipment: Students must bring their own sewing machine with a zig-zag stitch option and a pair of scissors.

Experience Needed: Understanding of how to thread the sewing machine, fill and load a bobbin and general operation of their machine is required.

What you’ll learn: Students will learn how to sew a round rope bowl. Instruction will include an explanation of the different types of rope to use, embellishment options such as a fabric wrapped bowl and finishing ideas such as "curls", buttons, dip dying and adding leather handles.

Homework: None.

Instructor: Christina Bright, email her directly if you have any questions: [email protected].

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel or reschedule we require at least 24 hours notice *per canceled seat to give you store credit or a refund. We can not give you a refund or store credit with less than 24 hours notice per canceled seat.

Access: Can't do stairs? Our shop is up a small flight of stairs, need help with access? Give us a call! 707-546-9276.

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